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Essential JavaScript debugging tools for the modern detective

Debugging JavaScript can drive developers crazy. It’s not surprising when so many us stick to the trusty console.log - but there are better ways. From tracking down a critical issue in production, to simply struggling to add a new feature and not realising 

you’ve misread some documentation - debugging skills are used every day but it's difficult to take the time to improve those skills when the pressure is on. This talk will show you some really handy techniques that will level up your skills of deductive reasoning.

Rebecca Hill
Senior Frontend Engineer and Team Lead

Rebecca Hill is a software engineer, team lead and international speaker, currently herding cats (aka developers) and wrangling JavaScript at WeTransfer. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, she is now based in Amsterdam, which makes it much easier to travel to conferences around the world to share her love for software development - teaching and learning with all the amazing people in this community.

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