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JavaScript On Microcontrollers

Building an IoT device feels out of reach to a lot of web developers. Most of us didn’t study electrical engineering, and never learned to solder. And programming a microcontroller is on a completely different level than building a website.

But that is just not true anymore. Nowadays microcontrollers have become powerful enough to 

run JavaScript. And that opens up IoT to all of us. With just 20 lines of code we can build a connected lightbulb, and within seconds we can wirelessly deploy it. Write a couple of lines more, and you can even remotely control a car. And that is precisely what we are going to do.

Niels Leenheer
Co-founder and CTO, Salonhub

Niels is a self-professed browser geek hooked on browsers ever since seeing the original Nexus browser on a NeXT Cube back in the dark ages of the internet. Niels is the creator of and runs one of the world’s largest Open Device Labs. He loves procrastinating, collecting weird devices with even stranger browsers, drawing pixel art monsters and tinkering with hardware. For his day job he is CTO of Salonhub and creates web applications for hair salons.

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