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Algebraic Data Types

Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) are types composed of other types. There are two classes of them - product and sum types. Although there is a better support in JavaScript for product types, we can also use sum 

types as well. In this lightning talk I will briefly explain what these different ADTs are and how can we use them to better model and think about our data.

Marius Jurgelenas
Front-End Developer at Wix

Marius is a front-end developer at Wix, where he helps creating a platform for Wix professionals to build their applications on. Marius is passionate about UX - where the users are programmers and the experience is writing, reading and reasoning about the code. He is interested in programming languages, especially in the functional ones. Marius holds a master degree of science and had been working as a research chemist before he decided to become a professional developer 5 years ago.

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