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Understanding the Opportunity and Impact of Immersive Technologies

VR. AR. These acronyms represent an increasingly prominent movement towards immersive, spatial computing as a modality for interacting with the software that we use on a regular basis. Virtual and augmented reality frameworks are becoming more widely available and the benefits of these technologies are taking shape - which means that we as developers need to be prepared to consider 

how we integrate these tools into the experiences that we build and anticipate the impact they have on the way that people use software. This talk will discuss the intersection of immersive technologies with the web, explore real-world applications of virtual and augmented reality across industries, and offer insight into the ethical considerations with developing VR and AR applications.

Liv Erickson
Open Source Social VR Engineer

Liv is an open source software engineer focusing on social VR, most recently as an engineering lead at High Fidelity and technical XR evangelist at Microsoft. In 2016, she co-founded ARVR Academy, a group dedicated to growing representation in the immersive technology industries through educational opportunities. She is the creator of Just A/VR Show, a web series dedicated to teaching virtual reality development principles, and author of the book ’Entering the Metaverse.

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