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As more people move into the online world, it is more crucial than ever to ensure that the world's diverse written languages have their place on the web. Typesetting on the web doesn't involve metal sorts and composing sticks. Instead, we use web fonts and CSS. We will be covering the various font properties which, over time, have been continually evolving, giving developers better control over the typography

 typography of their projects, as well as even better performance with variable fonts. We will also look at how modern CSS techniques can be used to design versatile layouts that can adapt well regardless of viewport. From the rendering of individual characters, the fonts which support them, and laying them out on web pages, let's see how we can build a web that is truly world wide.

Chen Hui Jing
Developer Advocate, Nexmo

Chen Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and developer living in Singapore, with an inordinate love for CSS, as evidenced by her blog, that is mostly about CSS, and her tweets, which are largely about typography and the web. She used to play basketball full-time and launched her web career during downtime between training sessions. Hui Jing is currently a Developer Advocate for Nexmo, focusing on growing developer engagement around the APAC region.

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