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What does shape the current state of Web Design? How can we leverage CSS to support the art movement on the Web? Does architecture influence our websites?

Let’s dive into art direction and trends to find a new way to express our design ideas in CSS. During my talk you will find more about the intersection of CSS code with Bauhaus, De Stijl, anti-design aesthetics 

and brutalist movement. Everything will be combined with practical CSS and examples you can use on your websites right away. I will be presenting some of my CSS experiments to show you that art has a true impact on CSS properties and its new features. Find your inner designer and join me on this artistic CSS journey.

Agnieszka Naplocha
Designer & Front-end Coder

Aga Naplocha is a creative problem solver, currently working as a coding designer with a strong focus on UX-related issues at Adobe in Warsaw. In 2018 she became Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. Apart from her 9-5 job, she enhances initiative called The Awwwesomes ( – organization teaching how to create awwwesome things on the Web, organizing coding & UX workshops for beginners, conferences (Front Trends 2018 and Element UX Talks) and meetups in Poland.

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